A plumbed in water boiler is a perfect solution for any office or business wishing to provide hot drinks for staff or customers without the need of a kettle.

A kettle uses large amounts of energy to boil the water to make a single cup of tea! Then just left to let the unused water cool down and be boiled again next time hot water is required. Simply wasteful, unnecessary and expensive.

Isn't it time your business gained from the benefits of a plumbed in water boiler? 

Contact us today to find out how we can help you. Boilers 4 Beverages offers customers a simple no fuss way to purchase an efficient boiler. Simply call us 01934 514 196 and we will take your payment details and dispatch your boiler and accessories immediately.

Boilers 4 Beverages is part of Glug Glug Glug who also specialise in supplying plumbed in water boilers, drinking water fountains and mains fed water coolers.

Kettle Vs Boiler